About Us

Whatever personalised gift you need, we most probably have it! We, at GiftsToLast, are the complete gifts solution. We have a wide variety of practical and exciting gifts for your parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and friends. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique gift that will excite any recipient you’ve come to the right place!

Our story

GiftsToLast was created on February 2016 to offer customers a platform to not only get but also personalise unique and functional gifts for their loved ones. The founders decided to build this platform just immediately after the festive season. This was after they searched online and could not find a single site that offered unique, quality, practical and long-lasting Christmas gifts. They vowed to come up with a platform where users could find quality and practical gifts and also personalise them to make them even more unique and special. Visit our homepage now to see how they and the team they selected have been able to wonderfully achieve this objective!

Our team

This business is operated by a young, passionate and dedicated 4-member team! All the members of the team were personally selected by the founders. This selection process has resulted in an energetic and coherent team that works tirelessly to make sure customers like you continue to get exciting and unique personalised gifts throughout the year!

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear from you. It is through customer feedback that we have been able to refine our website and make it the user-friendly platform it currently is! Visit our contact page now if you have any questions or just drop us an email at customerservice@giftstolast.co.uk, comment or give us feedback and we will get back to you as soon as we can!